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May not be able to resuscitate the potato, he said. They been held at these temperatures and exposed to freezing, they damaged. Smaller, more sugary potatoes could result in shorter, darker fries for the Canadian fast food industry. The genus was Republican, true, but the species was country club. And Ford had played enough golf to know that gentlemen don’t… Read more →

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I believe that consuming aloe vera gel increases the viscosity of red blood cells, and reduces the buildup of atherosclerosis. It will be interesting to see if anybody does research on this in the years ahead. I predict the findings will not only be positive, but downright miraculous.. Chiropractic medicine]. It was discovered that both the American College of Surgeons… Read more →

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An ale I’d recommend is the Flat Tail Raspberry Beret, an uncommon porter by Flat Tail brewery in Corvallis. Those fond of McMenamins’ secret menu classic, the Rubinator, will find a lot to love here. The tartness of the raspberry and the roasted porter flavors play off each other wonderfully, bringing balance to what could be an overwhelming combination. Then… Read more →

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House Democrats held a historic vote on Thursday to affirm an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump that also starkly illustrated the country political divisions. After weeks of testimony, Democrats and Republicans headed into the Capitol firmly battened down for a fight over their views of the president: That his actions in office at least merit an investigation or that… Read more →

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