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Venus is often referred to as “Earth’s Twin” (or “sister planet”), and for good reason. Despite some rather glaring differences, not the least of which is their vastly different atmospheres, there are enough similarities between Earth and Venus that many scientists consider the two to be closely related. In short, they are believed to have been very similar early in… Read more →

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While Colorado senators were in session bickering over the state budget Wednesday afternoon, their witty mates in the House were having some seasonal fun.An afternoon press release the House Democrats expressed that senators inadvertently killed the state spending bill because they mistook it for a flying saucer bill.House Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst of Boulder, Rep. Millie Hamner of Dillon and… Read more →

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Obstetricians and midwives perceived control over the childbirth process as a means of promoting risk minimisation, so that risk management was central to the perceived rational management of uncertainty in maternity care. Anxiety over uncertainty, error and blame was associated with dominance of the biomedical model of care in translating and managing risk and a perceived increase in the medicalisation… Read more →

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Au chantier du Lac Bloom, un chantier minier, trois constats d’infraction ont t signifis autant d’individus, qui seront poursuivis la demande de la CCQ. L’un d’eux vise Bernard Gauthier, permanent de la FTQ que les reportages rcents de Radio Canada ont dpeint comme un fier bras. Dans un cas, on relve qu’un dlgu de chantier avait un casier judiciaire, ce… Read more →

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You are free to say “Look up disability rights advocates and/or a community action org in your state for assistance. They will likely have people specifically trained to assist you.” Which I did not warn you against. And these services are provided by both attorneys and non attorney representatives. A: Denver Coach Vic Fangio on Allen during his conference call:… Read more →