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Conventional test methods for evaluating moisture damage include tests conducted on loose bitumen coated aggregates and those conducted on compacted asphalt mixtures. This paper looks at results from the rolling bottle and the saturated ageing tensile stiffness (SATS) tests in an attempt to better understand the underlying processes and mechanisms of moisture damage with the help of surface energy measurements… Read more →

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It is an unfortunate fact today that discrimination based on age is so routinely practiced that it has become acceptable, and indeed commonplace,” said Patricia Garner, State Public Policy Chair for the AAUW of Oregon. Workers aren’t trying to snatch jobs from younger workers if a worker is qualified, she or he should be able to work the job. Younger… Read more →

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Truman overcame a recession fueled 40% approval rating in June 1948 to win re election five months later. One difference, though, is that Truman saw much higher approval scores, averaging 56% 18 percentage points better than Trump in his first 2 1/4 years. Trump’s never exceeded 42% approval.. Once again, you gotten it exactly wrong. Zelaya was removed constitutionally and… Read more →

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“It’s behind Billywillinga so there’s not going to be much development there into the future so there’s really dark skies,” he said. “Council have been helping us with mapping to pinpoint a place that will be suitable.” The relocation will take some time, Mr Pickard said, with the observatory to be dismantled and reassembled with assistance from the telescope’s manufacturer.… Read more →

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From 297 respondents providing 611 responses, researchers reported using rodents most often in the 6 20 week age range regardless of the biology being studied. The age referred to as ‘adult’ by respondents varied between 6 and 20 weeks. Practical reasons for the choice of rodent age were frequently given, with increased cost associated with using older animals and maintenance… Read more →

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Total TEI score and TEI factor scores were positively correlated with MD values of various areas within or adjacent to SCN components, SMC structures, and the lateral prefrontal cortex (LPFC). Our MD findings demonstrate the importance of the dopaminergic system to TEI and implicate the SCN, SMC, and LPFC in TEI. Future studies are required to investigate the implications of… Read more →

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