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The potential benefits of collaborative working in construction projects have yet to be fully realised in the sector. This is in part due to the misunderstanding of the use of the information and communication technologies (ICT) and tools associated with working collaboratively. There are, however, isolated pockets of experts that have realised that in order to fully embrace the potential… Read more →

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Avoid looking at your phone or flicking on the TV the blue light emitted from these screens disrupts the hormones that help you sleep. Instead, read a book or do some journaling. It helps to calm and distract your mind and is way more effective than trying to argue with your insomnia. Conference committee is an effort where people agree… Read more →

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Either way you wrong. A company does not protect speech. Freedom of Speech refers to a citizens interaction with the government. Africanized honey bees, on the other hand, just can’t stand being where they are. Wherever that is. This increased tendency to swarm, leads to two other differences in their behaviour: they are fiercely territorial, and possess the ability to… Read more →

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This one might seem a little counter intuitive, especially after most of the other topics have been about freeing up more time for yourself, but as an owner you should be interacting with your customers as much as possible. Spending time with customers, especially newcomers, will give you direct feedback about what is, and what isn’t working in the business.… Read more →

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