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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of playing position, pitch location, team ability and opposition ability on technical performance variables (pass, cross, corner, free kick accuracy) of English Premier League Soccer players in difference score line states. A validated automatic tracking system (Venatrack) was used to code player actions in real time for passing accuracy, cross… Read more →

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METHODS: We conducted retrospective semi structured interviews with primary care professionals implementing the scheme and those involved in its development. We purposively sampled practices with varying levels of population socio economic deprivation and achievement. Interviews explored perceptions of the scheme and indicators, likely mechanisms of influence on practice, perceived benefits and harms, and how future schemes could be improved. Look… Read more →

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This disruption is reflected by changes in the normalized atomic displacement parameters of crystallographic water molecules. In SiaP’s enclosed cavity, relative differences in water network dynamics serve as a simple predictor of changes in the free energy of binding upon changing protein, ligand or both. This suggests that solvent structure is an evolutionary con straint on protein sequence that contributes… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractCommissioned work, editorial piece for ‘Museums Journal’ March 2007 ISSN 0 027 416 X Page 16. Diss was commissioned to produce a full colour illustration to appear alongside an article titled ‘Dutch Disposal’. This is the most recent of a series of work for this publication produced by the illustrator as a body of work utilising a… Read more →

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Therefore, for optimum phytase efficacy, it may be advantageous to formulate diets and develop phytase matrix values based on the susceptible phytate content of the individual batch of ingredients being fed. Both total and susceptible phytate content can be measured using simple colorimetric assays. Examination of in vitro digestion models and subsequent correlation to in vivo studies indicate that exposing… Read more →

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And Mendes, L. And Mennella, A. And Migliaccio, M. The Carnegie Hall recordings include a variety of Kinks originals in addition to unconventional covers including “Mr. Wonderful” (from the Sammy Davis Jr. Led musical of the same name), the 1920s popular standard “Baby Face” (made famous by Al Jolson) and “The Banana Boat Song” (a calypso folk perennial popularized by… Read more →

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Collaborative team context in SDS: which included sub themes of communication between healthcare professionals, and continuity of team members; 4. Accessibility to SDS: which included sub themes of flexibility of locations, frequent consultation as reinforcement, gradual pace of treatment, and challenges of returning to usual care.Conclusions. The study uncovered important mechanisms and contextual factors in the SDS that service users… Read more →

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