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Radiation was also found to degrade the reverse leakage current.At high frequency (1 MHz), capacitance and conductance decreased after radiation due to a decrease in net doping concentration. Interface state density and series resistance were determined from C V f and G/ V f characteristics using Hill Coleman methods. Interface states density exponentially decreased with increasing frequency confirming the behavior… Read more →

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They allow for counting and recording thousands of input pulses and responding to pulses of lengths downscaled to hundreds of picoseconds. To demonstrate the compatibility with common microelectronic circuitry, we implemented the antiferromagnetic bit cell in a standard printed circuit board managed and powered at ambient conditions by a computer via a USB interface. Our results open a path towards… Read more →

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Polyphosphate, an inducer of contact activation, enhances PK activation by FXII T, and facilitates FXII T activation of FXII and FXI. In plasma, FXII T and FXII R353A, but not FXII lacking the active site serine residue (FXII S544A), shortened the clotting time of FXII deficient plasma and enhanced thrombin generation in a surface dependent manner. The effect was not… Read more →

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Dual treatment with gliptins and metformin was associated with a decreased risk of all three outcomes (reductions of 38% for heart failure, 33% for cardiovascular disease, and 48% for all cause mortality). Triple treatment with metformin, sulphonylureas, and gliptins was associated with a decreased risk of all three outcomes (reductions of 40% for heart failure, 30% for cardiovascular disease, and… Read more →

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To answer that question, let’s look at the function of the digestive tract. Its primary function is to absorb nutrients, and this is accomplished through a process of physically and chemically breaking down food into nutrients, then absorbing those nutrients through the digestive tract, most notably the small intestine. But of course not everything in foods can be digested and… Read more →

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“Dr. Ballem was instrumental in the remarkable turnaround of the finances of the Olympic Village and a successful winter Olympics, delivered innovative policy leadership on a wide array of City priorities, and successfully managed a billion dollar organization that routinely ranks as one of the best places to work in Canada,” the mayor stated. “On behalf of my colleagues on… Read more →