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This favoring of one religion over another is permissible only in the very narrowest of circumstances, writes Kagan. Here, the state argued that the presence of a cleric other than the Christian chaplain, a prison employee who understood the execution process, would pose a security risk. That’s not a strong enough claim to get around the patent discrimination.. Of rain… Read more →

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It is becoming a great interest to employ SiC based power devices in dual active bridge (DAB) converter as an alternative to conventional Si IGBT, due to its higher switching frequency potential, smaller switching losses as well as the capability to operate at synchronous rectification (SR) condition. This paper introduces the device loss model of a SiC MOSFET power module… Read more →

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That story, rendered with artful third person objectivity, along with my recollections of a key Presley concert at old Russwood Park, would end up as the borrowed centerpieces of an Esquire article that would put Booth on his way. The article, entitled “Hound Dog, to the Manor Born,” was masterful, insightful, and wholly deserving of the classic status it achieved… Read more →

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Manufacturing in Central Oregon runs the gamut. Industries that call this area home range from auto parts and aviation supplies to construction or housing materials, medical and beauty supplies and a range of items serving the food and beverage industry. There are companies that produce athletic equipment, heating and cooling supplies, bio ag materials, computer and tech parts and products… Read more →

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Radiation was also found to degrade the reverse leakage current.At high frequency (1 MHz), capacitance and conductance decreased after radiation due to a decrease in net doping concentration. Interface state density and series resistance were determined from C V f and G/ V f characteristics using Hill Coleman methods. Interface states density exponentially decreased with increasing frequency confirming the behavior… Read more →

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They allow for counting and recording thousands of input pulses and responding to pulses of lengths downscaled to hundreds of picoseconds. To demonstrate the compatibility with common microelectronic circuitry, we implemented the antiferromagnetic bit cell in a standard printed circuit board managed and powered at ambient conditions by a computer via a USB interface. Our results open a path towards… Read more →

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