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The congressman wasn identified in court papers, but the donations match campaign finance reports forformer Rep. Pete Sessions,a Texas Republican wholost his reelection bidin November. In May 2018, Parnas posted a photo of himself and his business partner David Correia with Sessions in his Capitol Hill office, with the caption at work!! and Fruman appeared in court Thursday and were… Read more →

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Greg Abbott this week held two meetings with lawmakers about how to prevent more mass shootings in Texas. He said he would visit the area Sunday. So far this year to 25, matching the number in all of 2018, according to The AP/USATODAY/Northeastern University mass murder database. E. Warner, B. G., 15 Nov 2016Article in Quaternary Science Reviews. “Just because… Read more →

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GRA15I preferentially influenced the synthesis of unsaturated fatty acids in host cells. Our findings support the hypothesis that certain functions of GRA15 protein are strain dependent; and that GRA15 modulates the expression of signaling pathways and genes with important roles in T. Gondii pathophysiology. The resulting FDA body count of American casualties makes the casualties of war look small in… Read more →

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The Landlord Game was meant to be educational, illustrating economist Henry George belief inspired by the Gilded Age that property ownership by individuals is inherently unfair. Magie game was an underground success, leading to a number of offshoots, including the one that Darrow tweaked. Parker Brothers bought her patent for $500 in 1935, closing the loop.. Le nouveau calendrier des… Read more →

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Any other govermental agency, we recognizeand respect freedom of speech and freedom of gathering, Sanchez said. Advice would be follow the laws, don block publicaccess points. Said officers might be at the event, not stop any First Amendment activity but safeguard lives. As we struggle to keep cool the extra usage can stir up naturally occurring sediment within the network”,… Read more →

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