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A decision is expected soon, but not likely Friday.Meanwhile, Goodell defended suspending Rice for only two games after he allegedly struckhis then fiancee and now wife unconscious in a casino elevator in Atlantic City on Feb. 15. Videos show Rice dragging her unconscious out of the elevator.”Our policy is clear on this, said Goodell. Luckily, my local AD was hosting… Read more →

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If he gets hurt, that sucks. That also football. Should they also take Buckner, Foster and every other player they expect to be key players moving forward off the field too? Shelve them for next year? Of course not. A unique characteristic of phenylalkynyl carbene is its ability to resonate. Computational studies will be performed to study the relative stabilities… Read more →

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During the 1960s one of the most popular television genres worldwide was the British ‘spy fi’ adventure series, which included classics such as The Avengers (1961 9), The Prisoner (1967) and The Saint (1962 69). Yet by the early 1970s the costs involved with making these programmes had spiralled and viewers’ tastes had changed in favour of gritty, realistic programming.… Read more →

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Disenfranchised African Americans outnumber whites 10 1. Uggen also looked at how many would’ve voted Democrat or Republican. “And in that analysis, we were very surprised the strong Democrat Party preferences; in some elections, upward of 90 percent, always a clear majority of the disenfranchised felony voters would have voted for Democrats and we looked at every Senate election since… Read more →