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A decision is expected soon, but not likely Friday.Meanwhile, Goodell defended suspending Rice for only two games after he allegedly struckhis then fiancee and now wife unconscious in a casino elevator in Atlantic City on Feb. 15. Videos show Rice dragging her unconscious out of the elevator.”Our policy is clear on this, said Goodell. Luckily, my local AD was hosting… Read more →

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If he gets hurt, that sucks. That also football. Should they also take Buckner, Foster and every other player they expect to be key players moving forward off the field too? Shelve them for next year? Of course not. A unique characteristic of phenylalkynyl carbene is its ability to resonate. Computational studies will be performed to study the relative stabilities… Read more →

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The use of animals in scientific research represents an interesting case to consider in the context of the contemporary preoccupation with transparency and openness in science and governance. In the United Kingdom, organisations critical of animal research have long called for more openness. More recently, organisations involved in animal research also seem to be embracing transparency discourses. I think that… Read more →

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And, you’re right, some of those stories might not be ready for sharing. But most of the time, when people submit something to us, they’re ready to tell the story. They’ve worked through it, have gotten enough distance, and want to share it.”. Kruse testified that she observed multiple puncture wounds throughout Amy upper body including injuries which she believes… Read more →

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So, go grilled whenever you can or bake your foods in the oven.6. Bacon Sausagegrilled sausageUnhealthy Ingredients: Nitrates and nitrites, high heat cooking methodsProcessed meats are the worst of both worlds. They’re typically made from red meats high in saturated fats, and they contain high levels of advanced glycation end products (AGEs): inflammatory compounds that are created when these processed… Read more →

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