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The ex vivo drug response in the presence, but not absence, of mesenchymal cells accurately reflected clinical chemo sensitivity, as measured by tumour regression grade. Combination with Panobinostat enhanced response and proved efficacious in otherwise chemo resistant tumours.Conclusions: This novel method of establishing individual patient oesophageal cancers in the laboratory, from small endoscopic biopsies, enables clinically relevant chemo sensitivity testing,… Read more →

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OBSERVER RESPONSIBILITIES: As a general rule, the principal investigator has the responsibility for proper supervision of all aspects of the observing program. This means, for example, that each principal investigator is responsible for enabling all observing sessions, ensuring observers are available for observations, and obtaining all calibrations and other receiver/telescope parameters necessary for the reduction of his or her data.… Read more →

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However, derogatory comments by Asif Iqbal on the eve of the Melbourne Test on the standards of the Australian and England teams in their series created ill feeling that manifested itself in several incidents during the two Tests.Australia 1 Pakistan 1The lead up to the tour was hit by financial problems but eventually, the guarantee was improved from A$94,000 to… Read more →

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As a significant emitter of greenhouse gases and a country rich in fossil fuels, Russia plays a crucial role in achieving a comprehensive solution to climate related challenges. Yet, Russia’s official position on climate change has varied considerably since the beginning of global negotiations, with the country playing everything from policy leader to laggard. While there are a number factors… Read more →

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The name seemed familiar but I dcouldn’t quite place it. Then I remembered the distillery down in the Toronto port lands. It had been closed down and the area was being gobbled up by developers and remade and gentrified as ‘The Distillery Distict’ The Distillery of course was Gooderham and Worts. Then the noisy GPS displacement measurements and accelerometer data… Read more →

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