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Memetic algorithms are a class of well studied metaheuristics which combine evolutionary algorithms and local search techniques. A meme represents contagious piece of information in an adaptive information sharing system. The canonical memetic algorithm uses a fixed meme, denoting a hill climbing operator, to improve each solution in a population during the evolutionary search process. And Huang, Z. And Hurier,… Read more →

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Boston managed only five hits in the game, four off starter Marco Estrada. Pierzynski, who went 0 for 3 with two strikeouts. Had a good change up and could throw it in any count. John Tory was at the scene Saturday morning in a show of support, and Premier Doug Ford tweeted about the incident Saturday morning.these brave Toronto firefighters… Read more →

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“I’ve always been nervous in the past because it just seemed like people may be able to walk in, but they’ve really tightened that up,” said parent Michael Oldham. “There’s nobody getting into these schools, getting out of these schools without them knowing in the front offices now. So happy parents here.”. Hey, I had a similar experience. I studied… Read more →

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It investigates how competing positive and negative messages attempt to build and distort the brand identity. A critical review of bran ding, relationship marketing, and political science literature articulates the conceptual development of branding and its applicability to political parties. The success or failure of negative campaigning is due to the authenticity of a political party’s brand values creating a… Read more →

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Video that spread quickly on social media appeared to show the officer opening fire as the masked teenager came at him with a metal rod, striking the officer shooting arm. Taken by the City University Student Union, it showed a dozen black clad protesters throwing objects at a group of police and closing in on the lone officer who pointed… Read more →

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Margaux Crump’s “The Lure” teems with growth. Mounted antlers protrude from all angles, crystal and silicone sculptures erupt from the wall, and lush still life photographs are infested with insects, both diegetic and corporeal. It borders on repellent, but is ultimately seductive. Like we talked about to Alex and to any football player, really a football player will be known… Read more →