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Scott Hamilton, “Nocturnes and Seranades,” Concord. 48. Christian Scott, “Rewind That,” Concord. The 3D illustrations are inspired by the works of John Tenniel, a famed Alice in Wonderland illustrator. It’s pricier, but that’s because it goes above and beyond your typical pop up book. The rich 3D details are incredible for example, in the famous Mad Hatter tea party scene,… Read more →

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Increased adoption of the systems approach to biological research has focussed attention on the use of quantitative models of biological objects. This includes a need for realistic 3D representations of plant shoots for quantification and modelling. Previous limitations in single or multi view stereo algorithms have led to a reliance on volumetric methods or expensive hardware to record plant structure.… Read more →

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Military’s consensus on the risks of climate change to security. Military and intelligence officials have developed a broad agreement about the security threats that climate change presents, in part by threatening to cause natural disasters in densely populated coastal areas, damage American military bases worldwide and open up new natural resources to global competition. Economy.. In the past, malaria another… Read more →