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Military’s consensus on the risks of climate change to security. Military and intelligence officials have developed a broad agreement about the security threats that climate change presents, in part by threatening to cause natural disasters in densely populated coastal areas, damage American military bases worldwide and open up new natural resources to global competition. Economy.. In the past, malaria another… Read more →

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Axons require the axonal NAD synthesizing enzyme NMNAT2 to survive. Injury or genetically induced depletion of NMNAT2 triggers axonal degeneration or defective axon growth. We have previously proposed that axonal NMNAT2 primarily promotes axon survival by maintaining low levels of its substrate NMN, rather than generating NAD; however, this is still debated. Because what they’re saying is they’re so big… Read more →

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Existing mathematical studies generally assume that the elastic surface is initially at, which is often not the case for biological membranes. We previously outlined a theory for the indentation of curved isotropic, incompressible, hyperelastic membranes (with no bending stiffness) which breaks down for highly curved surfaces, as the entire membrane becomes wrinkled. Here we introduce the effect of bending stiffness,… Read more →

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