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The bullet cluster is where the scientists directly observed intersecting cosmic filaments located where galaxy clusters are colliding together. Since the gravity is not at all there to explain this, dark matter filament components are attached somewhat inside yet nearby these vast million to billion light year long observed filaments. Most of the mass of the universe is in filaments,… Read more →

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Chapter 313. The 1984 Act (Pub. L. However, the vote does not automatically trigger a walkout despite precise language they endorsed, “PAT shall call a legal strike”, sounding definitive. On Thursday, schools will open and be fully staffed. On Sunday, PPS leaders and union representatives are scheduled to meet in another mediation session. P., Xu, X., Cowling, S. J., Bruce,… Read more →

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The argument for performance based playboils down to simple equity. The average salary for a big time college football coach last year was $2.05 million (the UW Chris Peterson earned $3.2 million), while student athletes worked an average of 43 hours a week, requiring them to miss classes. Forbes argued athletes are members of their university marketing teams. The beast… Read more →

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This is a very time consuming and complex procedure especially when multiple stakeholders and teams of engineers involved locally or globally. This paper introduces the implementation of Systems Modelling Language (SysML) for modelling complex space robotic systems in context of On orbit Serving (OOS) missions. In this paper, the benefits of applying Object Management Group (OMG) System Modeling language (SysMLTM)… Read more →

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North Carolina is one of five states in the Fourth Circuit. The Supreme Court’s announcement means that all states in the Fourth Circuit, including North Carolina, are bound by the Fourth Circuit’s ruling that struck down Virginia’s ban on marriage for same sex couples. District Judge William L. BT: Yes, because I think autonomous is not any longer believed to… Read more →

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The swimming speed of the cells exposed to agitation was half that of the unshaken ones. Overall, the response of A. Minutum and P. These data suggest that while attractiveness is primarily correlated with phylogenetic status, the ability to attract Drosophila is a labile trait among yeasts that is potentially associated with those inhabiting fruit ecosystems. Preliminary analysis of the… Read more →

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