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Additionally, the interatomic potentials for the respective spin orbit levels were calculated, and the effect on the spectroscopic parameters was examined. In doing this, anomalously large spin orbit splittings for RG = Ar “Xe were found, and this was investigated using multi reference configuration interaction calculations. The latter indicated a small amount of RG ‘ C+ electron transfer and this… Read more →

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Analytic approaches varied widely across teams, and estimated effect sizes ranged from 0.89 to 2.93 in odds ratio units, with a median of 1.31. Twenty teams (69%) found a statistically significant positive effect and nine teams (31%) observed a nonsignificant relationship. Overall 29 different analyses used 21 unique combinations of covariates. Michelle Lujan Grisham after she called for a federal… Read more →

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Rick Weiland (D SD), we received some game changing news: polls are now showing a remarkably close contest. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which had not invested in this campaign before, just announced that it will spend $1 million on his race. In an unpredictable four way race, they believe he got a strong chance of scoring an upset.. Kai:… Read more →

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5194). Sponsored by Representative Barbara Hildt (D Mass.), the bill focused on individuals who could prove that they were assaulted as a result of pornography. The bill allowed victims to collect damages in civil court from publishers, filmmakers, and distributors. Kenya have only qualified for one World Twenty20 tournament, the inaugural competition in South Africa during 2007. Last month they… Read more →

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The UA artificer felt so static. Like if you are a gunsmith you just shoot a thing once a turn and that’s kind of it. Alchemist usually would just throw acid, though they had a bit more flexibility. The referenced blog post from that Christian supremacist Air Force officer, mass distributed in the “Falcon Clips” by the Air Force Academy… Read more →

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Hoad, Luca Marciani, Penny A. Gowland, Robin C. Spiller, Nottingham GI MRI Research Group, Insights into the different effects of food on intestinal secretion using magnetic resonance imaging, Journal of Parenteral Eneral Nutrition, which has been published in final form at doi:10.1002/jpen.1157. Sign up for a class At the gym, take the hour long body sculpting class rather than breezing… Read more →

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In summary, we need to strongly consider when “more” parking is needed, and what type of parking that should be. Often in business districts, with restaurants and shops, the demand is highest for on street parking with two hour maximum parking. If the demand is higher, the price and quantity should be proportionately higher to structured parking and private surface… Read more →