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So, with much regret (but also some pride in what I created), I planning to repurpose this blog on or about Apr. 23, CultureGrrl third anniversary. It will become an occasional outlet for my analysis and commentary, in the manner of some of the less active sites on ArtsJournal. Published by two University of Kansas professors, the study, “Civic implications… Read more →

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Whole genome sequencing enabled comparison with the wild type sequence. Twenty three point mutations were present, none of which were in genes known to affect oxidative stress resistance. Insertions or deletions caused frame shifts in several genes including, phosphoglycerate kinase and the b subunit of pyruvate carboxylase that suggest modification of central and carbohydrate metabolism in response to aerobic growth.… Read more →

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By the way, these top three ingredients so far , , and corn syrup offer virtually nothing in terms of vitamins, minerals and similar nutrition. These are basically empty calories and they have nothing of nutritive value to offer to the consumer. Maybe we’ll find better nutrition further down the ingredients list, so let’s keep looking.. Prom dresses are generally… Read more →

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With age comes responsibility. Miller says he learned from last season mistakes a six game drug suspension, and added bulk following his return. His body provides proof before his words. Eisenhower, as president, first explicitly expressed interest in a comprehensive test ban that year, arguing before the National Security Council, “We could put [the Russians] on the spot if we… Read more →

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Manufacturing flaws were blamed for that, but in this case, experts say it likely that enzymes in a person body react with the ranitidine molecule and actually create NDMA. See the FDA updateshere. (Read moredrug recallstories.). Yale University President Richard C. Levin released a statement that said in part, “Mr. Clark has been a lab technician at Yale since December… Read more →

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