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(Assad) regime will revive itself after it was close to disappearing, said Abu Mohammed al Golani, the head of Jabhat al Nusra. His comments in a rare audio recording posted on a militant website underscored the seriousness of the clashes. Support for the rebellion, and rebel infighting is further undermining the fight against Assad. It s completely safe and you… Read more →

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Here we find that when multiple stimuli that overlap in their neural representation are simultaneously encoded in the population, biases in the read out emerge. Although the bias disappears in the absence of noise, the bias is remarkably persistent at low noise levels. The bias can be reduced by competitive encoding schemes or by employing complex decoders. Notice your emotions.… Read more →

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Gates also described conversations with the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, who later entered the White House as the first chief of staff. He described the RNC as energized by the emails and said that though Trump and Kushner were initially skeptical about cooperating with the RNC, “the WikiLeaks issue was a turning point,” the FBI notes… Read more →

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In Barcelona You probably also have to learn Cataln.El plazo mximo de resolucin ser de veinte das desde la presentacin electrnica de la solicitud en el rgano competente para su tramitacin. Si no se resuelve en dicho plazo, la autorizacin se entender estimada por silencio administrativo.There a small difference between a Ley Orgnica and a Ley. Lets say the former… Read more →

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And Dickinson, C. And Dolag, K. And Dole, H. And Delabrouille, J. And Dickinson, C. And Dole, H. Kavanaugh testified, too, of course, and with a vehemence that read as a Rorschach: where accusers saw intemperance, supporters saw justified outrage. The nominee had reclaimed the spotlight, and Republicans clamored for a quick vote. But the following day, before the vote… Read more →

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