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This paper investigates the relationship between energy cost and people’s consumption behaviour. Normally, energy cost is changed incrementally in most societies which makes the relationship between energy cost and behaviour a complex relationship; because it is linked to many factors such as inflation and the increase in average household’s income. The increase in energy prices risks the introduction of fuel… Read more →

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Conclusions Some risk factors for childhood obesity are potentially modifiable. Parents are receptive to prevention prior to weaning and need better support with best practice in infant feeding. This should focus on helping them understand the physiology of breast feeding, the rationale around weaning at 6 months and how to recognise that hunger is only one explanation for infant distress… Read more →

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If they got push back or the conversation turned negative about whatever product all the employees would jump in to “turn the conversation”. The reports to the clients covered every forum the product was mentioned, any increase or decrease in “brand awareness” over time. The reports we about 20 pages. The outcome would be eventually useful in the development of… Read more →

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The footprint for the February 11th occultation of Regulus by the Moon. Image credit: Occult 4.2 softwareThe International Occultation Timing Association has a complete list of precise ingress/egress times for cities located across the continent. An especially interesting region to catch the event lies along the northern graze line across the sparsely populated Cape York peninsula, just north of Cairns..… Read more →

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Seismic methods are sometimes used to locate subsurface water and to detect the underlying structure of the oceanic and continental crust. With the development of underground testing of nuclear devices, seismographic stations for their detection were set up throughout the world. Under the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (signed 1996 but not yet in force) an international monitoring system has been… Read more →

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Les interprtes, pour qui le fameux quatrime mur peut aussi tre un refuge, sont aussi nerveux devant un tel exercice dambulatoire. Le spectateur pntre dans un monde qu’on a cr spcialement pour lui. C’est nervant, confie Angie Cheng, mais c’est aussi trs excitant parce que tout le monde doit s’impliquer fond pour que a fonctionne. What a striking photo accompanied… Read more →

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The interview comes on the heels of Ray Rice controversial reinstatement in the league after winning his appeal. Janay Rice opened up to ESPN Jemele Hill in an extensive interview published last week, detailing what she remembers from the event and her interactions with Roger Goodell and the NFL since.In the two part TODAY show interview (the first of which… Read more →

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