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He demanded the constitution of a parliamentary committee to probe the matter. Opposition leader Akram Khan Durrani, while supporting Inayatullah, said that recently 15 people were appointed at Khalifa Gul Nawaz Hospital, Bannu without any test or other procedure. She said there were reports of rifts between the governor and chief minister over the powers related to affairs of tribal… Read more →

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Thirty four commercial lager beers were analysed for their hop bitter acid, phenolic acid and polyphenol contents. Based on analytical data, it was evident that the beers had been produced using a range of different raw materials and hopping practices. Principal Components Analysis was used to select a sub set of 10 beers that contained diverse concentrations of the analysed… Read more →

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Bolton was asked to appear before the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairsand Oversight committees on Nov. 7, according to an official with knowledge of the proceedings. Two other National Security Councilstaffers,Michael Ellis and John Eisenberg, were asked to appear on Nov. Just because I don agree with someone on everything doesn mean that I not going to be friends with them,… Read more →

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In order to control for entrepreneurial and firm characteristics, a multivariate approach is adopted with logit, ordered logit and multinominal logit regressions utilised. Findings: It is found that the influence of foreign firms, as captured by their share of local employment, has a negative influence on domestic entrepreneurs’ probability of exporting, but has no significant effect on the intensity of… Read more →

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In an increasing number of serious cases police forces are trying to identify a criminal by testing a large number sometimes tens of thousands of people living near the scene of the crime. This increases the risk of a miscarriage of justice if DNA testing is wrongly believed to be reliable. However, in general DNA testing is a reliable technique… Read more →

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This proposed methodology was also found to apply to FBMs with RAP. A detailed consideration was also given to characterising the RAP material so as to understand its contribution to the mechanical properties of FBMs. Optimum MWC was achieved by optimising mechanical properties such as indirect tensile stiffness modulus and indirect tensile strength (ITS dry and ITS wet). But the… Read more →

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The chorus makes us think this particular version of ‘Stand By Me’ might have come from the prolific publishing efforts of the Stamps Baxter Music Company, those giants of the Southeast US gospel industry who flourished between 1924 and the 1960s and published stacks and stacks of shape note gospel hymnbooks. Stamps Baxter songs were very popular with musicians putting… Read more →

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We show how discourses ascribe to patients an enterprising identity, which is inculcated with economic interests and engenders self discipline. However, this reading does not capture all implications of technological self care. A governmentality lens also shows that technological self care opens up the potential for a de centring of medical knowledge and its subsequent communalization. Applebaum. Les critres seront… Read more →