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Always adventurous, Elena traveled the world, absorbing different cultures, and adding to her artistic vision and ability. Speaking English, Russian, German, and Spanish, she moved to Hollywood several years ago to pursue her passion as a screen actor. Fulfilling her intellectual side, and keeping her heritage alive, she began writing for a Los Angeles Russian newspaper, but Hollywood quickly came… Read more →

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OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this study are twofold. First, to examine the direct effect of psychosocial work characteristics (as measured by job autonomy and work related pressure) in relation to self reported psychological morbidity symptoms and early retirement retentions among a sample of hospital consultants in the National Health Service (NHS). Job autonomy negatively predicted the frequency of NHS consultants… Read more →

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Tropical regions have been considered the world’s primary agricultural frontier; however, some physico chemical deficiencies, such as low soil organic matter content, poor soil structure, high erodibility, soil acidity, and aluminum toxicity, have affected their productive capacity. Lime and gypsum are commonly used to improve soil chemical fertility, but no information exists about the long term effects of these products… Read more →

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A time domain model of a rail discretely supported on these railpads is then formulated using the finite element method. The model is subjected to static and dynamic loading in order to study the effects of preload and frequency on its dynamic behaviour. Results are shown as time histories and frequency spectra for the track displacements and reaction forces for… Read more →

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I’ve dug through a few polls to see the exact method of how they’re conducted and realized that the vast majority of polling is actually done via telephone dialers. Additionally, it costs significantly more to dial cellular phones than landlines (I’m not exactly sure why, but I read it somewhere I believe it’s having to with some not call registry’s… Read more →

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