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Always adventurous, Elena traveled the world, absorbing different cultures, and adding to her artistic vision and ability. Speaking English, Russian, German, and Spanish, she moved to Hollywood several years ago to pursue her passion as a screen actor. Fulfilling her intellectual side, and keeping her heritage alive, she began writing for a Los Angeles Russian newspaper, but Hollywood quickly came… Read more →

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OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this study are twofold. First, to examine the direct effect of psychosocial work characteristics (as measured by job autonomy and work related pressure) in relation to self reported psychological morbidity symptoms and early retirement retentions among a sample of hospital consultants in the National Health Service (NHS). Job autonomy negatively predicted the frequency of NHS consultants… Read more →

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T. And Bakermans Kranenburg, Marian J. And Davies, Gareth E. A person who identified as Greg Allum posted three comments on the article, calling the ranchers “clowns” who endangered firefighters and other people in the area while burning valuable rangeland. Greg Allum, a retired BLM heavy equipment operator, soon called Capital Press to complain that he had not made those… Read more →

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We estimated age specific mortality rates and hazard ratios of death in multivariable Cox proportional hazards models.Results: 20,293 IBD patients were matched to 83,261 non IBD patients. The mortality rate was 40% higher in IBD patients (2005 deaths) than in non IBD patients (6024 deaths) (adjusted overall hazard ratio = 1.4, 95% CI = 1.4 “1.5), with greater risk of… Read more →

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The Plot The Egyptian prince, Radames (tenor) is in love with the Ethiopian slavegirl Aida (soprano). When Aida’s father, the Ethiopian king is captured, he persuades Aida to wheedle military secrets from Radames. The jealous Amneris (soprano) gets Radames convicted of treason. For the high Reynolds number limit, we give the coupling conditions and interfacial stress in terms of the… Read more →

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“I can’t control what other people do, but I’d want young ones to know that they don’t have to bottle up their issues. I bottled everything up and kept everything to myself. I really shut out my family. The study also discovered sports journalists held nuanced attitudes towards bloggers and did not necessarily see them as inferior. Sports journalists could… Read more →

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