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“The original inquiry simply started out as curiosity about a phrase that appeared in a number of wikipedia articles yet stood unwritten about.” Peer review indicated at that time this curiosity is best directed toward an original research effort. To begin such a project, an early proposal created a proof of concept (phase I). This has been completed. And against… Read more →

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Juarez; however, the whereabouts of many others are still unknown. Although the government in Cd. Juarez claims that they have been putting forth their greatest resources to protect their female citizens and combat this unjust wave of violence, the prolonged existing violence towards women, the unresolved murders (feminicidios) and disappeared women, the destruction and misuse of evidence, and the erroneous… Read more →

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We used X ray computed tomography (CT), microscopy and hardness measurements to study Al “Si10 “Mg produced by selective laser melting (SLM). Specimens were subject to a series of heat treatments including annealing and precipitation hardening. The specimen interiors were imaged with X ray CT, allowing the non destructive quantification and characterisation of pores, including their spatial distribution. Pereru (talk)… Read more →

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Emergencies create huge stress in the body, and that stress demands high density nutrition to keep your body functioning at a higher level. If you’re in an actual emergency and you aren’t getting high density superfoods, you’re losing ground. Stress destroys your immune function, while nutrition can help support a healthy immune response! Emergency situations are precisely when you need… Read more →

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Item Type:Paper or Report (Working Paper)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractA key problem for the concept of social sustainability is the difficulty in capturing and understanding the implications of social dynamics of cities, buildings and neighbourhoods in planning and design. While processes such as ‘enquiry by design’ envisages to address this through public engagement, the translation of identified objectives to master planning and… Read more →

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