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An overview of phosphorescent metallomesogens based on platinum and iridiumWu, X., Zhu, M., Bruce, D. W., Zhu, W. Wang, Y., 2 Aug 2018Review article in Journal of Materials Chemistry CLinearly polarized electroluminescence from ionic iridium complex based metallomesogens: The effect of aliphatic chain on their photophysical propertiesWu, X., Xie, G., Cabry, C. D. W., Leake, M. C., Johnson, S., Al… Read more →

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And for what good reason? Justice Alito failed to explain why there should be any obstacles to the voting booth without a strong enough justification. Again, there is little evidence that outdated voter registration lists lead to massive voter fraud, no matter how many times President Trump or others claim to the contrary. Bloated registration rolls mean . Through her… Read more →

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Discoveries and TelescopesGalileo was one of the first scientists in modern times to arrive at conclusions from observation and practical experimentation. When he was 22 he wrote a paper called La Bilancetta (The Little Balance) on hydrostatic balance; that is weighing things in air and water with the intention of discovering the components of objects. He also performed extensive experiments… Read more →

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We show that the method is robust to variations in the volume of training data, with approximately a year of data needed to produce useful performance. Data denial experiments (removing observational sites from the algorithm training) shows that information from one location (for example Europe) can reduce the model bias over other locations (for example North America) which might provide… Read more →

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