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Not just the first vaccine, but the second, the third, the fourth. It never ends. You create a population that is dependent on immunization.Watch the complete interview at:The dogmatic intellectual brutality of modern medical scienceIn this interview, Dr Wakefield also speaks about the vaccine attack dogs who use fear tactics to terrorize scientists into conforming to “accepted” views on vaccines:I… Read more →

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As he explains, “We conduct visionary traits and we conduct masterminds, and different transformation works like that. Visionary traits are a great opportunity to do one thing that people need to be competitive in the future. That really to identify what you passionate about, identify what excites you in life, and to pursue that. Copy Number Variation Screen Identifies a… Read more →

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In order to explore how different spiral galaxies form, the demographics of spiral galaxies with different spiral arm numbers are compared. It is found that whilst all spiral galaxies occupy similar ranges of stellar mass and environment, many armed galaxies display much bluer colours than their two armed counterparts. We conclude that two armed structure is ubiquitous in star forming… Read more →

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Variation in the shell coiling, or chirality, of land snails provides an opportunity to investigate the potential for single gene speciation, because mating between individuals of opposite chirality is believed not possible if the snails mate in a face to face position. However, the evidence in support of single gene speciation is sparse, mostly based upon single gene mitochondrial studies… Read more →

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Previous studies have demonstrated that the playing of videogames can have both intended and unintended effects. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of videogames on players’ mental processes and behaviours in day to day settings. A total of 1,023 self reports from 762 gamers collected from online videogame forums were classified, quantified, described and explained. Generally,… Read more →

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Il n’aurait pas pu reprendre ses cours l’t sans perdre son emploi d’t en terrassement, un emploi de plus de 50 heures par semaine en fonction duquel son budget tait calcul. Il a poursuivi son association tudiante la chambre civile des petites crances. Il avait conserv les tracts et courriels du comit de mobilisation de son association tudiante qui coordonnait… Read more →

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