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Cats also have contradictory signals. Purrs can be good or bad. Tail movements can mean something good or bad. Glucose 6 phospate dehydrogenase (G6PD) is the limiting enzyme of the pentose phosphate pathway (PPP) correlated to cancer progression and drug resistance. We previously showed that G6PD inhibition leads to Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) stress often associated to autophagy deregulation. The latter… Read more →

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“Hong Kong affairs are purely China’s internal affairs. Exports of police equipment to Hong Kong, including tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and more. James McGovern, D Mass. Another possible treatment is using antibodies from the blood of survivors of Ebola. This was among the approaches discussed at a two day meeting of experts assembled by the World Health Organisation… Read more →

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If you want your bedroom to be welcoming, Feng shui practitioners recommend warm, rich earth and skin tones such as terracotta, copper, coral, cream, peach, tan and cocoa to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Prefer a quiet tranquil bedroom, that is inviting, and gives off healing energy? Choose soft natural colors like greens, light blues, and pale lavenders. These soothing… Read more →

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