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Raid: First of all there is no evidence as yet that MacD hit his girlfriend/wife. There is a big difference between the two incidents. With Rice the video made the facts indisputable. The chances for transformation seem limitless. As if to demonstrate such transformations, Synthetic Pleasures turns to more and more computer generated footage, particularly clips depicting impossibly altered often… Read more →

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That because two federal lawsuits challenging the ban were consolidated into one case. The ACLU represented eight couples who got married in other states and challenged the ban. Attorneys representing two other same sex couples that challenged the ban have asked for Hinkle to award them as much as $460,000 in the case. TRANSPORT: You can either take a tour… Read more →

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Descriptions of events were analysed using thematic analysis. Witnessed (W; n= 299) and listened to (H; n= 383) events were analysed separately and collated to identify common and distinct themes across both types of exposure.Findings: Six themes were identified, each with subthemes. Five themes were identified in both witnessed and listened to accounts and one was salient to witnessed accounts… Read more →

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The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate sociological interpretations of spirituality in the Christian surfing subculture of the United Kingdom. This research was done through participant observation undertaken at the National Gathering of Christian Surfers UK as well as semi structured interviews with three Christian surfers.Following the data collection process and analysis, five principle themes emerged. Firstly, surfing subculture… Read more →

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Executive director Rob Litwinski said public response started immediately and in many cases was not supportive of the ruling. Admitting that there had been some temptation to let other organizations move first to eliminate checking for the 11 and 12 year old players, he expressed pride our board took a leadership position on this contentious issue. Also said the results… Read more →

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