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Executive director Rob Litwinski said public response started immediately and in many cases was not supportive of the ruling. Admitting that there had been some temptation to let other organizations move first to eliminate checking for the 11 and 12 year old players, he expressed pride our board took a leadership position on this contentious issue. Also said the results… Read more →

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“Notwithstanding this conclusion, I respect Mr. Rose’s accomplishments as a player and, as a result, I will continue to allow him to participate in ceremonial activities that present no threat to the integrity of the game, provided that the activities are approved by me in advance. Finally, the sanction imposed by Rule 21 means that Mr. 22 othersHonomichl, S. B.,… Read more →

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Integration of health and social care forms part of health and social care policy in many countries worldwide in response to changing health and social care needs. The World Health Organization’s appeal for systems to manage the global epidemiologic transition advocates for provision of care that crosses boundaries between primary, community, hospital, and social care. However, the focus on structural… Read more →

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Unavailable fresh in glaciers, snow, ice and permafrost totals 24.5 million cubic kilometers. Is estimated that the total (photoautotrophic) for the Earth was 104.9 Gt C yr1. Of this, 56.4 Gt C yr1 (53.8%), was the product of terrestrial organisms, while the remaining 48.5 Gt C yr1, was accounted for by oceanic production. It no secret when we are successful,… Read more →

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The White Album is maybe best understood as a direct reaction to the extravagances of Sgt. Pepper and its not quite congealed followup, the Magical Mystery Tour project, the latter of which wasn’t intended to be an entire album but became one in the hands of the Beatles’ American record company. After the baroque heights of 1967, minimalism was the… Read more →