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Nevertheless, analysis of dead barnacles illustrated that such proximity carries a cost as barnacles with many neighbours were more likely to have died. The inferences obtained from these patterns are that barnacles aggregate as closely as they can, and that local neighbourhood competition is a powerful determinant of mortality. These processes give rise to the observed pattern properties.. Direct attacks… Read more →

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I think that his perspective is supposed to act as a juxtaposition to the common narrative that immigrants are a drain on the economy; that they are criminals; that they don deserve our empathy or understanding. The article shows just how broken the immigration system is for someone who is genuinely trying to immigrate legally. I think the following quote… Read more →

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In this paper, I use the case of the marketisation of higher education in England to contribute to the growing interest in placing markets, and processes of market making, more centrally within economic geographical research agendas. In particular, my argument focuses on the spatiality of marketisation through the specific case of the introduction of undergraduate student fees in England from… Read more →