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Sometimes what you see will not be objective. So, ask a few friends the question, “what shape is my face”? Before you find the hairstyle that is ideal for you, you may have to try ten that isn’t. Begin experimenting at once and don’t let your husband or friends intimidate you. Publication detailsJournalActa Crystallographica Section F:Structural Biology CommunicationsDateAccepted/In press 30… Read more →

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In the CFS/ME group, cluster analysis showed that the pattern of responses differed significantly from the other two diagnostic groups. Cluster analysis does not reveal the nature of differences but the CFS/ME respondents marked a higher number of questionnaire items as exactly how I feel TM. We suggest that the language used by people diagnosed with CFS/ME represents less localised… Read more →

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However, Jupiter’s rotation is the fastest of all the Solar System’s planets, completing a rotation on its axis in slightly less than ten hours (9 hours, 55 minutes and 30 seconds to be exact. Therefore, a single Jovian year lasts 10,475.8 Jovian solar days. It is the largest of the gas giants, and like them, is divided between a gaseous… Read more →

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Moore, on s’en doute, n’est pas de cet avis. Sa charge anticapitaliste est cinglante, drle et rafrachissante, dans un univers mdiatique amricain o la question du modle conomique semble faire consensus. Les exemples dont il se sert pour illustrer son propos sont souvent loquents, comme ces histoires d’assurances vie prises par des entreprises au nom d’employs, sans gard aux familles… Read more →

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