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2012X ray imaging crystal spectroscopy for use in plasma transport researchReinke, M. L., Podpaly, Y. A., Bitter, M., Hutchinson, I. And when the King sees them coming, they please him greatly, and meet with his favour. But before approaching the King’s presence, they remove the cloaks from about their necks, lest they should be considered ill bred. Thus, all unmantled,… Read more →

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Of the mouse orthologues of these genes Oas1a is likely to respond directly to amyloid at the transcriptional level, similarly to established risk gene Trem2, because the increase in Oas1a and Trem2 transcripts in response to amyloid deposition in transgenic mice is significantly higher than both the increase of the average microglial transcript and the increase in microglial number. In… Read more →

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We elicited views and experiences of ECs among UK pregnant or recently pregnant women.Methods: We conducted semi structured telephone interviews, using topic guides, with pregnant or recently pregnant women, who were current or recent ex smokers. To ensure broad views of ECs were obtained, recruitment was from several geographical locations and via various avenues of recruitment. This included stop smoking… Read more →

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Americans fell in love with the idea of watching movies in their own cars shortly after the first drive in opened in New Jersey in 1933. By the late 1950s there were more than 4,000 drive ins across the United States. Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont each have three. Development of a clinical decision rule for the early safe… Read more →

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Although the change in ISWD and 6MWD with PR was lower in the practice walk test group, they walked further at discharge assessment. Only 22.6% of the patients in the 2015 National PR audit had a practice walk test at assessment. Those who did had better enrolment, completion, and better baseline walking distance, from which the prescription is set.. It… Read more →