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The awards, issued by the Health Resources and Services Administration, go to 17 state health centers, which operate in 175 sites. Those centers served 494,081 patients last year, 38 percent of whom were uninsured. The new funds are expected to hire an additional 65 workers to help 181,909 Coloradans obtain health insurance coverage.. In any case, Texas may soon be… Read more →

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Full text not available from this repository. Having considered the pedagogical issues involved in working with students at a distance, the paper goes on to discuss innovations to facilitate learning at ULH. This includes the design of text based materials for distance learning, increasing access via work based learning, and the university’s involvement in both the Teaching and Learning Technology… Read more →

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All Wednesday, a steady stream of adults and young people many of whom wore red and black, Abbotsford Senior colours visited the nearby St. Ann Parish, where counselling and information were being offered. A trio of students wearing red and black walked the short distance from the Catholic church to the school carrying a bouquet of flowers, but said they… Read more →

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The second big problem is that integrators/installers and end users don’t really have a driving reason why they should put in a presentation. Sure, the integrators might get some business from raising their profile, but let’s just say that integrators/installers are not particularly marketing savvy in this industry. Further, the end users are really just doing it to be thought… Read more →

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However, Saudi Arabia has its own limitationsand is a very specific social and cultural context,and this study aims to fill the knowledge gap in the literature about how such mHealth technology would be accepted by Saudi diabetics, doctors and diabetes specialists; and a specially adapted theoretical model of technology acceptance was used. Male and female specialist doctors were interviewed and… Read more →

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The analysis proves useful as the different time perceptions, cultural activity levels and the resulting strategic behavior are clearly related to the deadlocks, stalemates, break ups and agreements experienced in real life scenarios. The application of the model to UK Malaysian negotiation experiments is an example of the robustness of the theoretical results. Las complejidades de las negociaciones internacionales se… Read more →

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