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Navy vessel for the first time, officials said Friday. Lt. Cmdr. I miss him, but still feel his presence, especially through trials and difficult times. The advice he occasionally gave me revolved around the theme of “getting thicker skinned”. I believed everyone was as reliable, loyal and trustworthy as my parents. It freaked me out, said the classmate who was… Read more →

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The American Beverage Association (ABA), which represents some of the drink manufacturers, provided this statement: companies strictly follow guidelines established by independent monitors that limit the marketing of beverages to children to 100% juice, water or dairy based beverages and monitor TV, radio and digital advertising to confirm compliance. Are several loopholes in their responsible marketing policy, Harris said. For… Read more →

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Additionally, Diaz Balart also supported an amendment sponsored by Rep. Soto that would increase funding for the National Estuary Program by $468,000, which protects and restores water quality and ecological health of estuaries. Rep. When he reads his first draft to Dan, he dozes off at the table and Wenonah is so bored by Nerburn’s faux Indianese that she starts… Read more →

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Since Americans spend so much money on health care, they should be getting a high quality of care, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Of the 783,936 annual deaths due to conventional medical mistakes, about 106,000 are from prescription drugs, according to Death by Medicine. That also is a conservative number. Harlequin babies are often born prematurely, and have lower… Read more →

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A study of the cultural ecosystem services (CES) arising from peoples’ interactions with the rural environment is conducted within the context of a landscape scale, ‘nature improvement’ initiative in the United Kingdom. Taking a mixed methodological approach, the research applies, and demonstrates empirically, a framework for CES developed under the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (Fish et al., 2016). Applications of… Read more →

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