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Expected to see continuing declines of threatened species. But for the first time, the results also showed pervasive losses among common birds across all habitats, including backyard birds. 90% of the birds lost came from 12 common songbird families like sparrow, blackbirds, warblers, finches and swallows. And Kaplan, Robert C. And Laurie, Cathy C. And Menezes, Ana M. The Portland… Read more →

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The plane undergoes a disinfection process, where the plane is cleaned of any insects that may have survived the journey on the outside of the plane. “We also check if there any health issues onboard the plane itself,” Padovan says. “If there are sick passengers onboard we go in and assess the passengers before we let anyone off.” Biosecurity offices… Read more →

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Additionally, we studied neutralization of different HCV genotypes and of direct acting antiviral resistant viruses. Our results indicate that Civacir potently, broadly, and dose dependently neutralizes all tested patient variants in HCV pseudoparticles and cell culture derived HCV assays including variants displaying resistance to host neutralizing antibodies and antiviral monoclonal antibodies. The half maximal inhibitory concentrations were independent of the… Read more →

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Dr. Waldman: Well, as I said before, it’s like the revolution in astronomy when radio telescopes first came online. We’re looking at a fundimentally different class of phenomena. And there are other sensitive issues. Trade talks. The British are fiercely protective of the state run health system, which delivers free medical care to everyone. These men aren’t distant spectators. They’ve… Read more →

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