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Place of Delivery: Travis Veterinary Treatment Facility Travis AFB VTF 411 Lane Street, Bldg. 543 Travis AFB, CA 94535 ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL Contracting Office Address: Western Regional Contracting Office, ATTN: MCAA W , 673 Woodland Square Loop, SE, Ste 101, Lacey WA 98503 1056 Point of contact(s): Walter J. Bischoff, Purchasing Agent (360) 486 0707, Email:… Read more →

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Bovine colostrum’s high concentration of IgG type immunoglobulins is especially significant for people suffering from acquired immune deficiency syndrome. While a healthy immune system can easily fight a form of diarrhea called cryptosporidiosis, it can be deadly for AIDS patients. IgG type immunoglobulins are particularly effective against Cryptosporidium parvum, the microorganism that causes this form of disease. Prior, I graduated… Read more →

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Type D personality, concomitant depressive and anxiety disorders, and treatment outcome in Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders: an observational longitudinal cohort studyde Vroege, L., de Heer, E. W., van der Thiel, E., van den Broek, K., van Eck van der Sluijs, J. F. Law has served as the interim public health director since March 2012 following the retirement of executive… Read more →

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Moore and Slater have watched Rove up close from his bogus “I’ve been wiretapped” press conference during the 1986 Bill Clements gubernatorial campaign, to his unseemly collaboration with FBI agent Greg Rampton to ruin the careers of officials in Jim Hightower’s Texas Dept. Of Agriculture. (Both episodes are nicely and thoroughly recounted here). (On managing minutes at point guard without… Read more →

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