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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractAn upper rim dinitro substituted calix[4]arene possessing two lower rim ethyl ester pendant groups (1) has been shown to form solid inclusion compounds with acetone (1:1) (1a), DMF (1:1) (1b), DMSO (1:1) (1c) and n BuOH (2:1) (1d). X ray crystal structures of the four complexes 1a d are reported and comparatively discussed, including isostructurality calculations. Although… Read more →

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Other naturally occurring sources of methane include most ruminants manure; termites working through piles of decaying wood; and microbe rich wetlands, like bogs and swamps. Methane emissions attributed to human activities include man made rice patties; thawing permafrost and burning landscapes due to climate change; municipal landfills and wastewater treatment plants; and leaking natural gas and oil drilling sites. But… Read more →

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Like Firmoo, Coastal occasionally offers promotions where shoppers can get their first pair of glasses for nothing. Even the paid frames are generally inexpensive, with most prescription frames costing less than $100. If the first pair free promotion isn’t available, another coupon is usually offered, making it near impossible to pay full price for a pair of glasses. However, although… Read more →

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Douglas Kaleikini, Central; 2. Kahikuokala Mano, Lanai; 3. Aizeah Ornong Pagatpaga, Razorbacks. Ash is often hired to evaluate the structural integrity of large structures, such as that of the Oswego Iron Furnace in Lake Oswego, OR, originally built in 1866. Serving as the master stonemason on the seven year effort to restore the furnace, the project received recognition by the… Read more →

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This report from the office of Pasadena Chief of Police John Perez details selected critical events which occurred last month, snapshots of the one thousand calls received by the Pasadena Police Communications on the average day. And Morton Ave. Officers located several expended casings near the south parking lot of Kings Villages. Next up, the chicken fried steak, an artery… Read more →

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