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Numerous institutions and individuals enabled his abuse and failed to stop him, including coaches at the club and elite level, trainers and medical professionals, administrators and coaches at Michigan State University (“MSU”), and officials at both United States of America Gymnastics (“USAG”) and the United States Olympic Committee (the “USOC”). These institutions and individuals ignored red flags, failed to recognize… Read more →

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Juno was flying over South America and the southern Atlantic Ocean. The coastline of Argentina is visible at top right. Credit: NASA/JPL/SwRI/MSSS/Ken KremerIt also accelerated the ships velocity by 16,330 mph (26,280 km/h) thereby enabling Juno to be captured into polar orbit about Jupiter on July 4, 2016.. And even though it’s refurbished, it still doesn’t subtract from the fact… Read more →

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Switzerland has a long history of sending poor farmers as mercenaries to European battlefields. In the late Middle Ages, Swiss cantons took the role of the brokers. The decline of the mercenary business started in the 18th century and ended with the introduction of Switzerland federal constitution in 1848. (Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society Monograph Series; no. A., Buckberry,… Read more →

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As the only UHF station in the market, WLOV suffered early financial difficulties. Most viewers weren’t familiar with UHF stations and finding them on their televisions, despite the station’s early efforts at educating people. While the station was steadily gaining viewers, competition from the NBC and CBS affiliates on “regular” channels was fierce.. A BRIEF HISTORY OF PETRAPetra was created… Read more →

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In California, our penal system is completely turned up side down. Early prisoner release of convicted felons and reclassification of certain felonies to misdemeanors make our communities at risk to be victimized at a more frequent and violent manner. Police officers are woven into the fabric of society. The annotated version includes a diagram showing Charon’s north pole, equator, and… Read more →

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Neely, D., 22 Jan 2019Article in High Power Laser Science and EngineeringInfluence of laser polarization on collective electron dynamics in ultraintense laser foil interactionsGonzalez Izquierdo, B., Gray, R. J., King, M., Wilson, R., Dance, R. J., Powell, H., MacLellan, D. In this July 24, 2019 file photo, State Rep. Cameron Sexton, right, is congratulated after winning the Republican nomination as… Read more →

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