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In the present study, HyPy was applied to the characterisation of biochars produced from pine wood, beech wood and corn digestate with the same pyrolysis unit at low (340 “400 C) and high (600 C) temperatures. Results were compared with those from Py GC MS. HyPy provided consistent information concerning the thermal stability of biochar samples, with BCHyPy levels related… Read more →

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Network science provides a general framework for analysing the large scale brain networks that naturally arise from modern neuroimaging studies, and a key goal in theoretical neuroscience is to understand the extent to which these neural architectures influence the dynamical processes they sustain. Here, we present a new model of intrinsic grey matter connectivity of the human connectome. Importantly, the… Read more →

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Jours Aprs Lunes, which offers underwear for babies, girls and female adolescents, has carved out a new niche that many believe sexualizes children. On its website, the French company offers undergarments for three different age groups: bb (babies), fille (children), and ado/femme (teens). Don’t worry, the baby section solely features onesies, but the other sections showcase children in delicate two… Read more →

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Emergency oral contraception is used to prevent a pregnancy, not end one. They work primarily by delaying ovulation. Emergency contraception does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. However, Jupiter’s rotation is the fastest of all the Solar System’s planets, completing a rotation on its axis in slightly less than ten hours (9 hours, 55 minutes and 30 seconds to be… Read more →