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Follow upA major factor determining the success of a vitrectomy operation is ones ability to comply with post operative instructions/recommendations. This will be determined by the location of the retinal tear. Thus immediately after the operation, I was wheeled from the operating theatre in a wheel chair, having been instructed to sit with my head down between my knees. I… Read more →

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8 othersSurridge, A. K., Vieira, F. G., McFadden, G., Nielsen, R., Gilbert, M. Hitler would always insist on increasing protection and firepower over speed. Even in his specialities, he would make mistakes while lengthening a gun barrel does increase the projectile velocity, tank design also includes weight and balance. When the Russian T 34 appeared, with the long barrel he… Read more →

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Furthermore, the greater the number of social groups with which the participant strongly identified, the lower the odds that he/she participated in negative health behaviours. In contrast, merely having contact (rather than identifying strongly) with these groups increased the odds of participation in these behaviours. We suggest that group identification influences behaviour to the extent that it encourages adherence to… Read more →

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