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In an informationally efficient market there will be little to no price change after the news is released, unless the announcement contained new news the earnings reported by the firm differed from analyst estimates prior to the announcement. The efficient market hypothesis would, in turn, lead investors to believe that when quarterly earnings are released to the market, that prices… Read more →

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Ethanol treated rats sacrificed at PD 24 showed significantly less hippocampal neurogenesis than control diet rats. The effect of ethanol on the rate of neurogenesis seemed to remain constant over time, when brains sacrificed at PD 24 and PD 50 were compared. Choline showed an attenuating effect on hippocampal neurogenesis for prenatal exposure to ethanol, and also showed a boost… Read more →

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There was no satisfactory basis for a relationship between Schleiermacher and Strauss. They had nothing in common. That did not prevent Strauss’s Life of Jesus being sometimes described by opponents of Schleiermacher as a product of the latter’s philosophy of religion. With silver items, expect just the opposite. Real silver or silver plated items will turn the cloth black. Common… Read more →

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One study reported on RSV prophylaxis for patients (RSV Ig/palivizumab); there was no statistical evidence of effectiveness although the sample size was small. Overall, risk of bias for included studies tended to be high. We conclude that RSV transmission risk varies widely during hospital outbreaks. We present a report of a newly identified strain of the bacterial endosymbiont Cardinium cSfur… Read more →

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The outcome tool has open comment items, which included a pre treatment invitation to provide expectations of their physiotherapy treatment. A thematic analysis was undertaken of the expectations expressed to gain insights for physiotherapy practice and patient care. Results Analysis was undertaken of 563 expectations of physiotherapy treatment expressed from 224 participants (mean 50.7yrs [17 88yrs]; 60% female) experiencing a… Read more →