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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractReptiles are one of the most ecologically and evolutionarily remarkable groups of living organisms, having successfully colonized most of the planet, including the oceans and some of the harshest and more environmentally unstable ecosystems on earth. Here, based on a complete dataset of all the world’s diversity of living reptiles, we analyse lineage taxonomic richness both within… Read more →

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Same charges repel by having opposite spins. Charge separation forms both matter and anti matter, having opposite spin. Matter having gravity mass (charge) is obeying EM physical laws floating in outer space vacuum zero gravity. It is then argued that an important issue facing the Chinese companies involved in these take overs is one of brand equity and country of… Read more →

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Many of our everyday social interactions involve mobile devices. Yet, these tend to only provide good support for distributed social interactions. Although much HCI and CSCW research has explored how we might support collocated, face to face situations using mobile devices, much of this work exists as isolated exemplars of technical systems and / or interaction designs. Obviously didn have… Read more →