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Randolph was admonished by House Speaker Dean Cannon, R Winter Park, for the remark, that later drew nationwide attention. The session, parental notice requirements were toughened for minors seeking abortions, while another measure barred insurance companies from covering abortions under the new federal health care overhaul. Changes also were approved that allow dollars from Choose Life license tags to be… Read more →

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We were captivated by Joe Neguse when he came to interview. The son of Eritrean immigrants, he impresses not just with the titles he’s racked up by age 30 founder of a get out the vote nonprofit, lawyer, University of Colorado regent but with his energy. Admirably, he’s campaigning to execute, protect and strengthen the electoral reforms already achieved by… Read more →

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Then we got called to the back, then waited in the hallway. Then they forgot about us. After 1.5 hours we finally asked someone how much longer. Learning empathy through virtual reality: Multiple strategies for training empathy related abilities using body ownership Illusions in embodied virtual realityBertrand, P., Guegan, J., Robieux, L., McCall, C. A. Zenasni, F., 22 Mar 2018Article… Read more →

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The SpaceX Dragon was successfully installed to the Harmony module a few hours after it was captured with the Canadarm2 by the crew on Feb 23, 2017. This artists concept shows the location of several visiting vehicles including Dragon, Soyuz and BEAM expandable module. Credit: NASACRS 10 counts as the company’s tenth scheduled flight to deliver supplies, science experiments and… Read more →

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Though Roland admits he likes to have fun on his records, The Popular Nobody isn’t all good timing cyphers. It’s the rookie rapper’s most masterful work yet, and he knows it’s his opportunity to tell his story. Despite the heft of features, Roland’s voice is never compromised. The standard method for early cancer detection is mammography. A mammogram is a… Read more →

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Problem Solving Training: assessing the feasibility and acceptability of delivering and evaluating a problem solving training model for front line prison staff and prisoners who self harmPerry, A. E., Waterman, M. G., House, A. Specifically, we present the reconnaissance phase of a project which brought together a partnership comprising a water heritage museum, university staff, teachers and artists. A pedagogical… Read more →

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