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However, when the same lung was exposed to allergen and diesel exhaust but separated by approximately 4 weeks, significant changes in more than 500 sites were observed. Furthermore, sites of differential methylation differed depending on which exposure was experienced first. Functional analysis of differentially methylated CpG sites found genes involved in transcription factor activity, protein metabolism, cell adhesion, and vascular… Read more →

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Every 20 years or so, the accumulated material erupts as a nova explosion, brightening the star temporarily. But this is just a precursor to the inevitable cataclysm when the white dwarf collapses under this stolen mass, and then explodes as a supernova. Dr. As for element 112, this extremely radioactive synthetic element can only be created in a laboratory. Copernicium… Read more →

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And Aumont, J. And Baccigalupi, C. And Bartolo, N. Expected resultsResearch on smoking shows that most smokers desire to quit. But smoking is so addictive that fewer than 20% of the people who try ever successfully kick the habit. Still, many people attempt to quit smoking over and over again, despite the difficulties cravings and withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability… Read more →

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The tiny Tardigrade: Nature’s toughest creature? Credit: Katexic Publications, unaltered, CC2.0)And as Dr. Loeb explained, studies like this have potential benefits that go far beyond assessing our own survivability. Not only do they help us understand life’s ability to endure catastrophic events which is essential to understanding how and where life could emerge in the Universe but they also offer… Read more →

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