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Easy, delicious lunch packing relies on leftovers. This is why there are certain dinner foods I always make sure to cook too much of: chicken, steak, pasta, rice, and grilled or roasted vegetables. They’re all easily transformed into something fresh. “At the carnival I will have to set the field, do the bowling order (and) changes,” she said. “The coaches… Read more →

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A lawsuit Wednesday accused the Trump administration of preventing Americans from bringing their foreign spouses and parents to live with them in the United States by requiring those immigrants to prove they can afford health care before they get visas. Citizens and a nonprofit organization filed the federal lawsuit in Portland over the rule that set to take effect Sunday.… Read more →

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Kathryn Gray comes from a long line of supernova discoverers. Her father, Paul Gray, has made six previous supernova finds. Family friend and amateur astronomer David Lane has found three himself. It considers the local personalities and community politics surrounding episodes of enclosure, building on recent work by social historians, archaeologists and historical geographers in order to draw attention to… Read more →

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