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Horse Feathers (directed by Norman Z McLeod, released 10 August, 1932) This time the Marx Bros experimented with an actual plot, placing themselves in Huxley College, with Groucho acting as the newly installed president, Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff. His cavalier attitude toward education is not reserved for his son Frank, who is courting the college widow, Connie Bailey. Frank influences… Read more →

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The International Cricket Council says it will investigate copies of tapes allegedly implicating former Pakistan captain Salim Malik in match fixing. The ICC move follows a report in the British Sunday newspaper News of the World which said Malik had claimed both his side and Australia had taken bribes to lose a game during Australia’s 1994 tour. The ICC says… Read more →

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These results are not always presented for the same models or in the same language, a particular problem when comparing astrophysical and laboratory searches making it difficult to understand what regions of parameter space remain. Here we present combined constraints on the chameleon model from astrophysical and laboratory searches for the first time and identify the remaining windows of parameter… Read more →

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This tailspike protein has a putative endorhamnosidase domain and thus may mediate O antigen cleavage. Expression of the gtrC(BTP1) gene is, in contrast to expression of many other gtr operons, not subject to phase variation and transcriptional analysis suggests that gtrC is produced under a variety of conditions. Additionally, GtrC(BTP1) expression is necessary and sufficient to provide protection against BTP1… Read more →