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Its effects are nausea, some pain, light headedness and palpitations. Sometimes the palpitations are a fast heartbeat, sometimes a ‘strong’ heartbeat so forceful that it shakes the body. The blood chemistry is altered or unbalanced by the sudden influx of food, something similar to an effect of diabetes. And it looks so good. There are phones with higher resolution than… Read more →

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And this technique was used for 2D combustion temperature measurement in this optical engine. The flame propagation was studied by temperature distribution, three phases of combustion marked from temperature distribution is consistent with the result gotten from fuel burned mass fraction. The mean temperature of LIP have a good consistency with the mean temperature calculated from pressure at pre combustion… Read more →

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The real con, actually, is that when young intelligent people survive eight years of Big Pharma indoctrination through medical schools and residency trainings, they are handed the title “Doctor.” They should be handed the title, “Pharmaceutical Rep” because that’s truly what they are. Having received virtually no training in nutrition, they are granted power of our health even when they… Read more →

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In a separate cohort of 518 elite athletes, self reported medical imaging scan certified stress fracture injuries were recorded (n=125). Non stress fracture controls were identified from these cohorts who had a normal bone scan or no history or symptoms of stress fracture injury. Study participants were genotyped for functional SNPs within the P2X7R gene using proprietary fluorescence based competitive… Read more →

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