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Comparisons with observations from the NASA ATom flights (which were not included in the training) also show improvements but to a smaller extent reducing the RMSE from 12.11ppb to 10.50ppb, the NMB from 0.08 to 0.06 and increasing the Pearson’s R from 0.761 to 0.792. We attribute the smaller improvements to the lack of routine observational constraints of the remote… Read more →

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The Jovian Planetary RegionJupiter Being the biggest planet in the system, the small metallic hydrogen core of Jupiter generates some pretty intense magnetic fields. It also has a system of 63 satellites, the largest of which is Ganymede. Jupiter’s anomaly is its obvious storm systems, including the ‘Great Red Spot’. I still research and love the science of sleep.I love… Read more →

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And parents are emphasized to aid the transfer of knowledge from scientific research into applied practice. Of central importance is the development of independent problem solving and personal responsibility through a challenging yet supportive learning environment. We argue that to develop mental toughness, young athletes must be gradually exposed to, rather than shielded from, demanding situations. Langford called him his… Read more →

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