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The Jovian Planetary RegionJupiter Being the biggest planet in the system, the small metallic hydrogen core of Jupiter generates some pretty intense magnetic fields. It also has a system of 63 satellites, the largest of which is Ganymede. Jupiter’s anomaly is its obvious storm systems, including the ‘Great Red Spot’. I still research and love the science of sleep.I love… Read more →

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And parents are emphasized to aid the transfer of knowledge from scientific research into applied practice. Of central importance is the development of independent problem solving and personal responsibility through a challenging yet supportive learning environment. We argue that to develop mental toughness, young athletes must be gradually exposed to, rather than shielded from, demanding situations. Langford called him his… Read more →

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With the aim of understanding the effect of the environment on the star formation history and morphological transformation of galaxies, we present a detailed analysis of the colour, morphology and internal structure of cluster and field galaxies at 0.4z0.8. We use { em HST} data for over 500 galaxies from the ESO Distant Cluster Survey (EDisCS) to quantify how the… Read more →

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of three knowledge transfer intervention trial types (postal, group, one to one) to promote best practice to treat sheep with footrot. Management of lameness) before the trial was associated with uptake of best practice and whether the benefits of best practice framed positively or negatively influenced change in behaviour. The… Read more →

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This paper discusses the Hazard Services system and findings from a usability evaluation with a sample of end users. Usability evaluations are frequently used to support software and website development and can provide feedback on a system TMs efficiency of use, effectiveness, and learnability. In the present study, a user testing evaluation assessed task performance in terms of error rates,… Read more →