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In addition, we must continue to empower diverse grass roots Democrats at the leadership table. We will build on our recent successes with small dollar fundraising. And we changed our rules in October to ban corporate donations from political action committees whose goals conflict with our platform. Magic Leap was also pursuing the contract according to the report in Bloomberg.… Read more →

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What’s the upshot of this survey finding? It’s yet more evidence backing up my long standing condemnations of the FDA as a mob like drug racket agency that distorts the truth, lies to the public, defends dangerous prescription drugs, works to promote the financial interests of pharmaceutical companies and essentially ends up killing hundreds of thousands of Americans each year… Read more →

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This was without the donors’ knowledge or permission, in violation of standard medical ethics. This led to the Havasupai Tribe vs. The Arizona Board of Regents lawsuit, which was settled in 2010. Although widely applied in optimisation, relatively little has been proven rigorously about the role and behaviour of populations in randomised search processes. This paper presents a new method… Read more →

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Toward the top of this energy regime, new modes of nuclear collectivity become accessible. Giant resonance states can be excited that involve compression and oscillation of the nuclear medium with vibrations of the protons and neutrons in phase (isoscalar) or beating against each other (isovector). The excitation and decay of these giant resonances can provide information about shapes of nuclei… Read more →

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