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For most individuals, videogame playing is a fun and enjoyable activity that brings many benefits. However, for a small minority, the activity can be problematic and has led to much research into “gaming disorder.” In explanations concerning the contributory factors to gaming disorder, personality traits have been increasingly studied. The present paper carried out a systematic review of available literature… Read more →

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A thorough search of the literature to find the best evidence is central to the practice of evidence based veterinary medicine. This requires knowing which databases to search to maximize journal coverage. The aim of the present study was to compare the coverage of active veterinary journals by nine bibliographic databases to inform future systematic reviews and other evidence based… Read more →

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Shift your attention to Beta Coronae Borealis. It’s traditional name Nusakan. Again, it looks like one star, but it’s actually two. This working paper presents the key parameters of an exploratory study on the role of learning organisation (LO) and affective commitment (AC) towards employee retentions amongst engineering companies in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCCC). It seeks to address current… Read more →

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GMOs are dangerous to our health, according to latest independent research7/19/2015 There has been a debate raging about GMOs for a long time now. On one side of the debate is the idea that genetic engineering is progress for humanity, and it is a natural extension of more traditional breeding techniques. The other side believes genetically modified foods are unsafe… Read more →

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Switch hardware hacker SciresM now says that some newly manufactured consoles appear to be impervious to the Fuse Gele (or F G) exploit. SciresM believes Nintendo used the Nvidia iPatch system to add new protective code to the chip. This likely corrects the USB recovery mode overflow error that allowed modders access to the system. Experimentally induced oxidative stress stimulated… Read more →