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But nothing was likely to match the devastating effect of both Hill’s and Thomas’ testimony. Cool and unflappable, Hill looked the Senators in the eye and handled every question without hesitation. Her hands folded on the lap of her teal blue dress, her demeanor polite, cooperative and never defensive, she painted a vivid and sobering portrait of what it means… Read more →

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The introduction of technology opens up a new perspective. The measurement phase can be run by the system, in its entirely virtually, and be run at any time. Managers could run performance appraisals and interviews at any time over the year, probably interviewing staff focused on specific issues more; likewise employees may receive feedback more often; the process is disconnected… Read more →

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Incrementally and strategically merging the support staff and functions of the two departments, we can find efficiencies and synergies within the town and school departments, Tupper said. Expect this will create an opportunity for us to save resources and costs. It has the potential to be a better way of doing our business.. “How beautiful the river flows and the… Read more →

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Griffen, S. Walls, M. Stuffins, A. ‘Oxein’ is the Greek word for ‘sour’ and ‘gennan’ means ‘to form, to generate’. Oxygen had been isolated before by many scientists for example, it is known that Oluf Bayen and Pierre Borch prepared oxygen in the early 1730s. They did not, however, recognise oxygen as an element. Initial operation of the recoil mass… Read more →

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As winemakers, we pride ourselves on the production of authentic first class wines. But as climate change continues to influence the nature of grapes, we are increasingly forced to consider technological solutions to bring balance and enhance the pleasure in drinking our wines. Part of me is a huge fan of technology; but it is the most beautiful thing when… Read more →

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