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“Nails? Nails? No, we don’t have nails,” answers the bartender. “Mmmm,” says the duck. “So, do you have any grapes?”. Defenders of the law minimize the rate increases by saying people will be getting better insurance for their money. Besides, they add, some low income people will get subsidies. But this doesn’t change the essential facts. 10. Testing done by… Read more →

Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140 O 2132

Smallmouth bass are biting: Bass anglers are reporting good success around the Marblehead Peninsula, Kelleys Island and the Bass Islands, and in extremely shallow water. The best bite has been in 5 to 15 feet of water, with swim baits taking the trophies. Some bass anglers report trophy walleye are also hitting their swim baits in shallow water, and yellow… Read more →

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Newscasters were befuddled as they reported the details. Later, Craig’s explanation that his “wide stance” in the stall was misunderstood by the officer became a pop euphemism for gay. Public bathroom sex became fodder for late night monologues, and the site of Craig’s bust turned into a tourist attraction.. Who played for Chelsea before moving to United, added: are a… Read more →

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The Australian Government now lists giant kelp forests as an endangered community. But, oddly enough, some areas are experiencing an increase in kelp growth. The West coast of Vancouver island has an increase in sea otters which feed on the urchins which destroy the kelp. Astronomers are also studying several “cometary knots” out on the boundaries of the cloud that… Read more →

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