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Salvail, Deny R. Hamel, Kevin J. Resch, Gregor Weihs, and Thomas Jennewein was published in Physical Review Letters. En ce dbut d’anne, nous vous offrons un programme de mise en forme qui vous amnera progressivement faire 30 minutes d’activits arobiques modres chaque jour, et ce, en deux semaines. Pourquoi 30 minutes et pourquoi tous les jours direz vous? Parce que… Read more →

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There has been one documented case of anaphylactic reaction to inulin. As it permeates the food supply, there will likely be more and more reports of allergy and/or intolerance to inulin/FOS. Symptoms of intolerance usually include flatulence, bloating, cramps, abdominal pain, diarrhea and rarely, constipation. (5/3/09) (Even before I had produced the bibliography!) Faculty Adjunct Medill: 100% with superlatives. Also… Read more →

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This nonadiabatic evolution shatters the chameleon field by generating extremely high energy perturbations through quantum particle production. If the chameleon TMs coupling to matter is slightly stronger than gravitational, the excited modes have trans Planckian momenta. The production of modes with momenta exceeding 107 GeV can only be avoided for small couplings and finely tuned initial conditions. Participants considered and… Read more →

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