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A., Schmitz, O., Sharapov, S., Sharples, R., Silburn, S. A., Smith, S. F., Sperduti, A., Stephen, R., Thomas Davies, N. No specific treatment is required, though the antiviral acyclovir may be used to treat the infection.Facial Molluscum ContagiosumDespite its confusing name, molluscum contagiosum is caused by a pox virus that is spread both sexually and by other forms of skin… Read more →

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Why investing in your health is the best money you’ll ever spendI’ve always believed that investing in your health is the best investment a person can ever make. That’s why I personally spend so much money on nutritional supplements, superfoods, high quality kitchen equipment and extreme exercise equipment (I have a high end Pilates Reformer in my living room, and… Read more →

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Sorry, no winner this week. Here’s my weekly weather quiz question for the last time. Spacecraft and ground based elements of the system work together to provide a continuous stream of environmental data. “We are continuing tests on Spirit and in our testbed here at JPL,” said Jim Erickson, Mars Exploration Rover project manager at JPL. One possible work around… Read more →

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Of course, Lenoir is not literally running against Wendi Thomas, the person. Rather, he is running against ideas some might associate with her. It is instructive to consider what a campaign against those ideas might look like. When mulling these suggestions, keep this in mind: “The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand held mobile phones. Truth Publishing… Read more →

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Of Wikipedia erroneous claims are taken out of Skeptic textbooks, such as Eric Swanson Skeptical Science and Society, a seriously flawed diatribe that regards anything outside of conventional medicine as quackery.[10] Swanson happens to be a professional physical astronomer, which evidently makes him a qualified expert among Skeptics to write about human biology and medicine.The Skeptic community of Science Based… Read more →