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On Sunday the government published its “Outline for the Implementation of Citizen Moral Construction in the New Era” which advises readers how to use the internet, raise children, celebrate public holidays and behave while travelling abroad.Meghan McCain Spars With Cory Booker Over Civility: Beto Was ‘Very Nasty’ to Me!During a Wednesday interview with Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker, The View… Read more →

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The moral controversy surrounding the song has been attributed to its popularity; Charles later acknowledged in an interview that the beat was catchy, but it was the suggestive lyrics that attracted listeners: ” the girl with the diamond ring. She knows how to shake that thing.’ It wasn’t the diamond ring that got ’em.” “What’d I Say” was Ray Charles’… Read more →

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There more holes in your utopian liberal pipe dream than John Kerry war record. The answer to the healthcare problem is not socialization, but in making health care more affordable through efficiency, accountability, and responsible behavior by health care providers and clients. It also wouldn hurt to ship all the medical malpractice lawyers and ambulance chasers to some third world… Read more →

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DesJarlais, who I believe has done so very little in Congress it is pathetic, is undoubtedly part of a primary reason the Republican Party is now terribly askew. He is being challenged in next Thursday’s primary by a promising attorney from Murfreesboro, Grant Starrett, but DesJarlais’ actions involving the Big Lick are more than enough to question his integrity, his… Read more →

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