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Extensive antimicrobial susceptibility assessment against a panel of clinically relevant Staphylococcus aureus and Propionibacterium acnes led to the identification of a new lead compound, [Arg(Me)10,Nle11]teixobactin 63, with excellent bactericidal activity (MIC 2 4 g/mL). Significantly, the antimicrobial activity of several of the teixobactin analogues against the pathogenic Gram negative Pseudomonas aeruginosa was ‘restored’ when combined with sub MIC concentration of… Read more →

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Only 2 of the 15 studies within the systematic review differentiated between substandard and counterfeit medicines. Both studies involved antimalarial drugs in South East Asia. They both found that counterfeit medicines were a greater problem than substandard medicines. It true Trumpian populist style Boris Johnson promised in late July to make the United Kingdom greatest place on earth by leaving… Read more →